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That Takes No Skill And Work
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« : 14 Сентября , 2020, 14:08:23 »

So far as memes vs achievement posts goes; neither offer much debate, but meme articles have more variance to them other than whether the OP uses the full clickbait line (might not mean much to you, but after XX years and nobody to share it with, I FINALLY) or if they had the irl innovation level to take a screenshot. This sub is now"HELLO! HI THERE! I don't have any one to talk about my achievements with. . . Look at my amazing rng, hope you're all jealous. . . I just finished this quest. . . Please provide me any attention. Dude you or your mother made a cake. Hey mod this. Yeah these memes were firing and would be the material that I wish we had more of!

Memes often begin conversations better than real posts talking about the subject. Hell, my post is a meme. I tried talking about this topic tons of times before, but putting it into a meme arrangement has been 10x more effective and got hundreds of comments. The craziest aspect of it's is that lots of articles tend to be even more low attempt than memes, yet get to remain. . . Because they aren't memes. Tired with some short title of some thing? No issue. Memes that took some time spark and to create pleasure? 1 report and they're gone. Why?

Wow. Mods are dull round here. I really, really hate the"After X years of enjoying, I've achieved 99 cooking and I have no one else to share it with" articles. It is always the same formula. Include finally, wholesome or"woe is me" in some made-up bullshit story and you also guaranteed a ton of upvotes. I swear to god, even if after 15 years that you have not made at least 1 friend in this sport, 99 cooking is the least of your worries. Why are memes even deleted in this sub? Still deleted?? Big agree. I don't like to downvote or take away from people's achievements but there are so many articles of etc that it gets mundane to see.

Watch out op, you didn't receive the stats for plagues ending, unlock priff, get a 99, or get a Skilling pet at any given less than 199m XP, your article may be removed!I'm fairly new to using reddit knowingly and actually dont understand the"low effort" blot that's apparent with this sub. The phrase was thrown around on the articles regarding downvote bombing with this sub, and I just dont get it. . . If somebody would like to spend 3 seconds generating meme that popped up in their mind and then place it, who cares? Is this a reason? Who gives a shit if something is arbitrarily deemed"low effort", someone please explain. The sub is a 5-year old kid that needs something and will smack it out of your hand when you give it. Then it'll ask for it.

Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.
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